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About Our Farm

After being in the corporate world for my career I decided to look into something new and enjoyable for my semi retirement. Farming was new to me but I loved it and decided to start my alpaca farm.   Of course coming to Cape Breton from New York/New Jersey area was a hard decision until you live in such an easy going environment. My corporate experience at companies as a sales manager, VP and COO gifted me with the knowledge and abilities I needed to run this business. 

Albert Bridge Alpacas is located on the scenic Mira River which is the longest navigable river in Nova Scotia. We have a small herd of 14 alpacas that we raise on our 10 acre farm, and we allow visits to our farm and store. We started with 6 animals and were as high as twenty four. It makes for a wonderful day for children and family. You can feed them but much cooler to walk with one and have them enjoy your visit. Alpacas are very friendly and curious. Check out our facebook page for interesting and fun videos of our alpacas. Facebook Albert Bridge Alpacas. 

Our store has luxurious products imported from Peru, where Alpacas originate. The quality and design is a testimony to the people of Peru and the pride they have in their alpacas. Many of our products have the finest embroidery as part of their design. We also have some products that are made from our fleece such as insoles and scarves. The product has unique qualities of being 6x warmer than wool, wicks moisture, hypoallergenic and is feels as soft as cashmere. It is today considered one the most luxurious fibres. 

Alpaca is warm due to the hollow fibre just like a polar bear. Alpaca is durable, lightweight and strong. We have had people stuff alpaca in their suit case when travelling becasue it is a fibre that is so lightweight yet keeps you warm. Alpaca lasts a long time. 

Children and adults alike love what we are doing and we are expanding to teach the public more about these docile animals. 

The alpacas are shorn once a year in Cape Breton and then the wool is sent to a mill for processing. 

In the past years we have been at malls, fund raises and the Port of Sydney. Starting this year we will bring the alpacas to nursing homes, schools and other venues to share the enjoyment of these wonderful animals. 

The animals are easy to take care. They eat pellets and hay for a diet and we have a guard dog named Achilles that everyone loves. He is sure to greet many of you when you visit. 

Hope to see you soon.. Any questions please call or email us.